Rodney’s Oyster House – ehhh

Oyster are awesome, reviews say this place is great so therefore this meal should be excellent right? Well this meal was just okay. Winner of Hottest Male Servers, Rodney’s Oyster House is suppose to have a lot of things going for it.The restaurant was jam packed and even with reservations we had to wait for our table to clear.

Everything was looking up when the oyster platter came around. The server let us know where all the oysters came from (various coasts of Canada). Unfortunately the restaurant was quiet loud so I didn’t hear the details. This came with a bunch of different sauces. This, of course, lead to hot sauce tasting which I did not take part in. Any sauce supposedly comes from Hell is probably waaay too spicy for me.

The oysters were quite good. Fresh and meaty. I did really like how the waiters knew their stuff. I just wish I could listen to what they had to say. Also our waiter was a bit “intense” so asking him to say it again was sort of…. risky.


I had the crab cakes. Which were very meh. The cakes were full of crab but they weren’t seasoned and there was no really good sauce. The salad dressing was too sweet. It was like chinese plum sauce. You know the kind you get in Canadianized Chinese Resturants to eat with deep fried spring rolls? But watered down and some spicy peppers mixed it to give it some desperately needed kick. I slathered my greens with it and then used it to save the crab cakes.

It didn’t save the dish 😦

I only had a tiny bit of the chowder and it seemed to be okay. It was very creamy. However I did notice that it had a thin layer of “skin” on top of the bowl. This either meant that its been sitting under hot lights for a while or it was cold in the restaurant and this was pipping hot…

This was the pan fried oysters. Verdict on this was good. I didn’t taste them.

I only had a bite of the pasta dish but my friend mentioned that there was a decent amount of scallops that were nicely cooked. However the pasta sauce itself was nothing outstanding. It was average. For 18.95 for pasta… I think you need to have outstanding pasta for that price.

Oh crap, I have no idea how to rotate pictures. Yes I’m a novice. This was Co Co Curry and it was a big meh. I love curry, my boyfriend loves curry. This was sweet, not spicy, tomato based curry with some random greens put on top of mushy rice. Also some prawns were arranged around the dish. There was no contrast of textures and everything was just mushy and semi sweet. I did not eat the prawns but they looked good.

All these entrees ranged from 15.95-18.95, so everything was in the 20 dollar range.  Our total bill for 9 of us came to 280 dollars with HST and 18% gratuity. I don’t think it was worth it price wise. The service was okay, maybe we made the mistake of coming in on a Saturday night so it was stupidly busy and service was excruciatingly slow.

Honestly I would only come back if it was happy hour to eat only raw oysters.

One bite summary

Oysters, attractive servers, and hilarious t shirts (Eat Me Raw – plaster on male servers)  That’s all its got going for them.

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