Cinch Cafe – Yay Pasta!

This place is great. Reasonably priced pasta for English bay and packed with flavor. I want to go back!

This is a small restaurant close to the other korean places on robson st. Honestly I never noticed it until I read the great reviews on urbanspoon. The decor was a bit strange. There were not so fresh flower arrangements on every table. I assume there was a large party on the weekend or they have a great discount with a florist. It was pretty quiet when we went in on a weekday around 7. There was only one other party who appeared to know the owners.

I had the capellini pescatore. The seafood was fresh and really good quality. Two huge scallops, two huge shrimp and a lot of plump mussels along with a bunch of squid. There was a lot of black pepper so the first bites are super delicious and the last few are a bit burning.This is highly recommend. I’m not sure if it was the butter or fat but it was melt in your mouth fantastic.

The other dish I tried was the Penne Sausage arrabiata. It was solid, the tomato based sauce did not compete with the sausage. I did wish that the sausage had more kick to it but I was so supremely in love with my other dish so my tasting memory of this dish fails me.

We also had garlic bread which was toasted white bread coated in garlic and cheese. Melted cheese is always an automatic awesome.  This side dish only cost 3 dollars.

Both pasta dishes were 13 or 14 dollars and the other main entrees of meat, fish etc were only 20 – 25 dollars.

One bite summary:

  • Good value for great pasta

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