BC Spot Prawns

Spot prawns are in season and I’ve never tasted them before. I was ready to blow my mind of shrimp awesomeness. Instead I had a panic attack and almost cried in a corner. It seems I’m a lover and not a fighter.

I bought some extremely fresh (and kicking) BC spot prawns from some Granville island fisherman for 12 dollars a pound. They seem to be doing brisk business with a bit of a small line up forming. They are oceanwise and sea choice approved. What does that actually mean? During this short time period (between May – June) spot prawns are in season. I can’t seem to find a source on what that means. Anyways eating them is better for the earth than gourging on AYCE sashimi.

What’s also interesting is that they go from male to female in their last two years of their 4 year lifespan!!! Someone needs to write a witty comment for that.

Also slighty interesting was that Japan suposively takes 90% of the season’s catch. Yah that’s all my random spot prawn trivia for this post.

The problem that cause aformentioned panic attack? I named this one Jumpy. Look at him all cute and vunlerable on a cutting board. Look at my omnious shadow.

I couldn’t find any how to guides on butchering shrimp but I did read that the best way to freeze spot prawns is to chop off its head and freeze the tails.

So I cut off the tails of two prawns. They moved violently and then not at all, so I thought I had killed poor Jumpy. My heart sank when I realized that Jumpy and another of his friends that I just decapiated are actually still alive. I quickly turned on my kettle and poured hot water over them. I needed to do much more research on how to cook these creatures.

For the rest of the prawns I used the boiled hot water trick, and let them sit in hot water for 5 minutes. Afterwards we chowed down. They were sweet and oh so tender. Although I was scarred from being a horrible butcherer, the cooked prawns were such a delight.

Anyways I froze the rest of the prawns for curry later and started a soup with the heads.

Shrimp head soup anyone? Actually it was fantastic broth!  I just boiled the heads for a couple of hours. I think I only did two because I wanted to let it cool before I stuck it in the fridge.

Afterwards I turned it into a curry based soup with tumeric, onions, garlic, ginger,salt, a couple of bay leaves and some thyme. I loaded on some carrots, celery, potatoes, green onions and cilantro. I was sort of sick so I don’t remember the measurements but there should be dozens of soup recipes via google.

Even after my tramatic experience, I am actually looking forward to my next encounter with these lovely delicious spot prawns. If you are in BC, you still have time! The season will probably end late June.