Le Gavrouche

I went to the charming Le Gavrouche resturant for a lovely romantic dinner. The food was good however it was the service that would make me come back again. It may of helped that we were there on a wednesday night and there were only three other parties in the restaurant. But none the less it was wonderful.

The amuse busche of crab cake and pickled fennel was good. The picked fennel sometimed overpowered the crab in this small bite but the taste was balanced with the sauce.

This red wine was recommend by our wonderful server and it worked well with the rest of our dinner.  I need a 12 hour course in wine or a glass a night to wax poetry though.

Terra bread 😀 Delish!

Below is the artistic green salad. Bacon Walnut, Olives = fatty love. The different fats work well with the salad. It was definitely not greasy at all but it was a hearty, manly salad. The salad was beautiful. The bacon vinergrate was dellicous and the toasted walnut married with olives led to a nice salty finish

Oh yes there were roasted tomatoes! Sorry I was starring at the bacon.

The lemon sorbet was light and worked well as a palate cleanser.

A bit of prawn and steak. I only had a bite of this. This was the blue goose farm beef tenderloin, an organic, grass fed and BC owned and operated farm in the interior of BC. The mash potatoes and leeks were okay but the star was definitely the meat.

The salt spring lamb was okay. It was cooked very well but I honestly didn’t love the sauce that much (I’m not too sure why. It just didn’t jive for me)  and I wasn’t in love with a potato fondant. This was actually a new cooking technique to me so it could be the technique itself, however there could of been more flavour.

The cream burlee was really great!

It had a very crunchy top and the pudding itself was very smooth. It was a beautiful finishing act when you cracked the top and dipped into the pudding. Underneath the crust was a fine powered of sugar.

The damage? It was brutal. This was fine dining so it sort of blows away my 30 dollar a week budget. I did use a flash sales voucher and the total was around 150 for two people including tip. However for a special date, this is great dining.

One bite summary?

Service was excellent!

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