Waffle smackdown WE Cafe

WE cafe is located on robson st, close to the ramen epicentre of robson and denmen. Its been open since last fall and its still impeciabley clean. The black and white design keeps it looking fresh and modern. I’m not usually impressed by design, but I could stay in this cafe for a long while writing my epic bestselling novel…

As it is a cafe (with free wifi) it is important to note that there is a 3.89 min per person. This is about the same price as a medium cappuccio or a handcrafted drink (anyone know why its called handcrafted? I always feel like its made with more love and free spirits when I say “handcrafted drinks”. Starbucks has brainwashed me) . They also offer a selection of waffles, sandwiches, and dessert items.

I bought a voucher last dec from indulgene living and decided to use it. I came here on a beautiful rare saturday morning for brunch. I decided on waffles.

I have to admit that i have a love affair with waffles. I sing and dance when Iknow i will be eating waffles soon. Most people know and exploit this weakness.

Therefore im going to write a series of waffle reviews of wonderful waffles. This will be reviews on recipes and resturants. I hope to continue this series until the day I stop blogging.

So on to the actual review!

I ordered the waffle sandwich of strawberries and nutella and took a lot of bites of the sesonal fruit troi and here is the smackdown out of 5:

Crispiness 3

Due to the manufacturing of their waffle maker, it was only crispy on one side. The side that was crispy was good and had a solid crunch.

Topping 3

The fruit selection was good. Ingredients were fresh and the whipping cream was real cream. However they were not original. The waffle sandwich was two pieces of waffles with the toppings in the middle. I was expecting a thinner crisper waffle with a bulging toppings in the middle.

Prices 3

They were market price however the cafe was more on the expensive side.

Visual appeal 4

They were pretty. Especially the fruit trio


Crispiness 3

Topping 3

Prices 3

Visual appeal 4

Will I return?

Maybe. Theres no novelty but the space was beautiful. This would be a better alternative to starblenzs in the area for a good chat with friends. I might try their desserts.

So here’s to the first review! Are there any restaurants you would recommend? Should I change up my critera? Send me any comments you have!

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Easy Pop Tarts! Without the food colour additives!

POP TARTS! Who doesn’t remember and love pop tarts? I was looking for a new breakfast item. And I was inspired by Culinary Concoctions by Peabody to make a pop tart!

Please note I’ve modified her recipe because I didn’t have cream cheese in the fridge. Other great filling ideas would be any type of jam, nutella (If you used it in this recipe let me know! I hunger…), nuts, or fruit.  Just make sure they are in bite sized pieces. Unfortunately you need to be selective and not over stuff them or else the pastry won’t close and filling runs out everywhere. It’s messy, believe me. Scrubbing things suck.

Make sure that the puff pastry is defrosted, plyable and cut it up into poptart shapes (about 3 x 10). I eyeball everything so that means I had one huge poptart and two small ones.  If your puff pastry does not come wrapped up in waxed paper/you were awesome and made it by scratch, you should coat your work surface with a bit of oil so that your awesome creations make it to the oven and not glued forever on the counter.

Smear some jam, slap on some cut up, washed fruit, and cover. Super easy!

One last step before the baking is to get a fork and press down all around the edges so that nothing delicious escapes.


Then pop them in the oven/toaster oven and let them bake at 350 degrees until golden brown. Here’s a photo with bad lighting of the delicious poptart. Relive your childhood without the food colour additives!


Puff Pastry

Filling (Jam, Nutella, spreadable goodness)

Bite Sized Edibles  (Chocolate chips, fruit, etc)

1. Cut up puff pastry into poptart shapes (about 3×10 rectangles)

2. Smear on your spreadable goodness

3. throw in your bite sized edibles

4. Seal all edges with a fork

5. Throw in an oven and toast until brown. 350 in a toaster oven for about 10 mins, 15-20 mins in a conventional oven

Alternatively I think you can use pie crust instead of puff pastry. What delicious concoctions have you made?