the flying tiger

Good tapas with distinct asian flavours. Every dish tasted like they would at their own ethic restaurant. That is a huge feat!! It’s like taking a very cheap gastronomical trip to Asia. You won’t have the huge selection but you will have the flavours.

The only downside to this restaurant is the location. Maybe I’ve grown soft living close to English bay and being so close to the skytrain, getting to the kits is kind of hard. I arrived late so my friends already ordered. No worries!

Please note that I was dining with a friend who has a brother working in the kitchen. I doubt this changed our experience of this restaurant from what you will experience  but I thought I should bold this run on sentence just in case.

Mmmm sliders look good! I arrived too late to take a bite.

I didn’t have a bite of the sliders, however I heard they are “GREAT!” Yummy” and annoying to make.

We tried to ask for another slider, but they are annoying to make. So they did make us this dish instead.   The tuna was seared and served takiki style with sprouts underneath. The tuna was heavily spiced and it was HOT.

This was my favourite shot of the night but not my fav dish. The noodles were lightly covered with seame oil but had a buckwheat taste. I was sure that it was buckwheat but after examining this photo, I’m not so sure… I think the texture of the noodles had turned me off. The other components, shitaki mushrooms and sprouts were fine. They had a great umai flavour.

The beef ribs (Kalbi Ribs) were very nicely marinated and grilled to perfection. The marinade is very similar to a korean style bbq sauce, a bit sweet and salty. They were served medium raw and were very juicy and tender. I’m not a kimichi connoisseur but these tasted the same as always.

Oilly mass close up. Mmmmm.

This was the Chala Masla The bread actually reminded me more of bannok than the indian equivalent. I think it was because it was more heavy and dense than the traditional version. But anything deep fried is automatically tasty anyways.  I could eat much more of these.

I don’t eat enough indian food to let you know what the names of these five dishes were. I’m terrible I know.  They were a mix of curry. Some of them, such as the green beans in the middle, needed a bit more heat or taste. However the chickpeas were great!

The sablefish was fantastic! Crispy skin and cooked well. The sweet soy sauce was mild and a good companion to the light tasting sablefish.

The absolute star of this dish was the shitaki mushrooms. They were glazed with a sweet soy and possibily a smoky flavour. In fact these two items were so memorable, I really can’t remeber the greens on this dish at all.

This was part of the duck crepes which were excellent and my favorite dish of the night. Some people hate DIY dishes but I like them. I liked the sprouts in contrast to the luscious pulled duck.

The duck was confit and then pulled so it was like a fusion of pulled pork taco without the heat and veggies and peeking duck. The sauce had a hint of 5 spice but it was not overpowering.

Dessert! We were very full after all these dishes however the table next to us ordered this dish. After seeing it, we were definitely curious.

I’ve never had anything like this before. The crunchy almond flavour shell was very sweet and light. It was a beautiful contrast with the soft and silky whipped cream. I wonder if this dish would be better with a touch of lemon to cut down the sweetness. However, that would be to my taste. My other dining partners did not even notice it.

We did use an entertainment book coupon so our total was discounted. We also didn’t drink. However I was satisfied with the amount and quality of food we received. Service was excellent.

One bite summary

Come here to nibble on asia!