BBQ Master?

I must confess I have a BBQ duck addiction. Duck is my favourite meat, possibly, because I have no idea how to cook it and ruin the glorious restaurant glow in my mind. I came to BBQ Master with high high expectations, having lost count of the days since my lips had touched greasy, crispy duck skin.

The duck unfortunately did not live up to my dreams. As you can see, although the skin of the duck was slick with oil, there was not enough meat for a good comparison. Although the dark leg meat was flavourful, there wasn’t enough of it in order to pass judgement.

The pork was decent and the skin had a great crisp to it.


So this review isn’t really a review at all. I decided that there was not enough meat in order to get a real sense of what this restaurant can do. Which makes me sad 😦


Anyone know of any good places for BBQ Meat in the lower mainland BC? Plus 20 if it is skytrain friendly and near english bay!


Le Gavrouche

I went to the charming Le Gavrouche resturant for a lovely romantic dinner. The food was good however it was the service that would make me come back again. It may of helped that we were there on a wednesday night and there were only three other parties in the restaurant. But none the less it was wonderful.

The amuse busche of crab cake and pickled fennel was good. The picked fennel sometimed overpowered the crab in this small bite but the taste was balanced with the sauce.

This red wine was recommend by our wonderful server and it worked well with the rest of our dinner.  I need a 12 hour course in wine or a glass a night to wax poetry though.

Terra bread 😀 Delish!

Below is the artistic green salad. Bacon Walnut, Olives = fatty love. The different fats work well with the salad. It was definitely not greasy at all but it was a hearty, manly salad. The salad was beautiful. The bacon vinergrate was dellicous and the toasted walnut married with olives led to a nice salty finish

Oh yes there were roasted tomatoes! Sorry I was starring at the bacon.

The lemon sorbet was light and worked well as a palate cleanser.

A bit of prawn and steak. I only had a bite of this. This was the blue goose farm beef tenderloin, an organic, grass fed and BC owned and operated farm in the interior of BC. The mash potatoes and leeks were okay but the star was definitely the meat.

The salt spring lamb was okay. It was cooked very well but I honestly didn’t love the sauce that much (I’m not too sure why. It just didn’t jive for me)  and I wasn’t in love with a potato fondant. This was actually a new cooking technique to me so it could be the technique itself, however there could of been more flavour.

The cream burlee was really great!

It had a very crunchy top and the pudding itself was very smooth. It was a beautiful finishing act when you cracked the top and dipped into the pudding. Underneath the crust was a fine powered of sugar.

The damage? It was brutal. This was fine dining so it sort of blows away my 30 dollar a week budget. I did use a flash sales voucher and the total was around 150 for two people including tip. However for a special date, this is great dining.

One bite summary?

Service was excellent!

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the flying tiger

Good tapas with distinct asian flavours. Every dish tasted like they would at their own ethic restaurant. That is a huge feat!! It’s like taking a very cheap gastronomical trip to Asia. You won’t have the huge selection but you will have the flavours.

The only downside to this restaurant is the location. Maybe I’ve grown soft living close to English bay and being so close to the skytrain, getting to the kits is kind of hard. I arrived late so my friends already ordered. No worries!

Please note that I was dining with a friend who has a brother working in the kitchen. I doubt this changed our experience of this restaurant from what you will experience  but I thought I should bold this run on sentence just in case.

Mmmm sliders look good! I arrived too late to take a bite.

I didn’t have a bite of the sliders, however I heard they are “GREAT!” Yummy” and annoying to make.

We tried to ask for another slider, but they are annoying to make. So they did make us this dish instead.   The tuna was seared and served takiki style with sprouts underneath. The tuna was heavily spiced and it was HOT.

This was my favourite shot of the night but not my fav dish. The noodles were lightly covered with seame oil but had a buckwheat taste. I was sure that it was buckwheat but after examining this photo, I’m not so sure… I think the texture of the noodles had turned me off. The other components, shitaki mushrooms and sprouts were fine. They had a great umai flavour.

The beef ribs (Kalbi Ribs) were very nicely marinated and grilled to perfection. The marinade is very similar to a korean style bbq sauce, a bit sweet and salty. They were served medium raw and were very juicy and tender. I’m not a kimichi connoisseur but these tasted the same as always.

Oilly mass close up. Mmmmm.

This was the Chala Masla The bread actually reminded me more of bannok than the indian equivalent. I think it was because it was more heavy and dense than the traditional version. But anything deep fried is automatically tasty anyways.  I could eat much more of these.

I don’t eat enough indian food to let you know what the names of these five dishes were. I’m terrible I know.  They were a mix of curry. Some of them, such as the green beans in the middle, needed a bit more heat or taste. However the chickpeas were great!

The sablefish was fantastic! Crispy skin and cooked well. The sweet soy sauce was mild and a good companion to the light tasting sablefish.

The absolute star of this dish was the shitaki mushrooms. They were glazed with a sweet soy and possibily a smoky flavour. In fact these two items were so memorable, I really can’t remeber the greens on this dish at all.

This was part of the duck crepes which were excellent and my favorite dish of the night. Some people hate DIY dishes but I like them. I liked the sprouts in contrast to the luscious pulled duck.

The duck was confit and then pulled so it was like a fusion of pulled pork taco without the heat and veggies and peeking duck. The sauce had a hint of 5 spice but it was not overpowering.

Dessert! We were very full after all these dishes however the table next to us ordered this dish. After seeing it, we were definitely curious.

I’ve never had anything like this before. The crunchy almond flavour shell was very sweet and light. It was a beautiful contrast with the soft and silky whipped cream. I wonder if this dish would be better with a touch of lemon to cut down the sweetness. However, that would be to my taste. My other dining partners did not even notice it.

We did use an entertainment book coupon so our total was discounted. We also didn’t drink. However I was satisfied with the amount and quality of food we received. Service was excellent.

One bite summary

Come here to nibble on asia!

Waffle smackdown WE Cafe

WE cafe is located on robson st, close to the ramen epicentre of robson and denmen. Its been open since last fall and its still impeciabley clean. The black and white design keeps it looking fresh and modern. I’m not usually impressed by design, but I could stay in this cafe for a long while writing my epic bestselling novel…

As it is a cafe (with free wifi) it is important to note that there is a 3.89 min per person. This is about the same price as a medium cappuccio or a handcrafted drink (anyone know why its called handcrafted? I always feel like its made with more love and free spirits when I say “handcrafted drinks”. Starbucks has brainwashed me) . They also offer a selection of waffles, sandwiches, and dessert items.

I bought a voucher last dec from indulgene living and decided to use it. I came here on a beautiful rare saturday morning for brunch. I decided on waffles.

I have to admit that i have a love affair with waffles. I sing and dance when Iknow i will be eating waffles soon. Most people know and exploit this weakness.

Therefore im going to write a series of waffle reviews of wonderful waffles. This will be reviews on recipes and resturants. I hope to continue this series until the day I stop blogging.

So on to the actual review!

I ordered the waffle sandwich of strawberries and nutella and took a lot of bites of the sesonal fruit troi and here is the smackdown out of 5:

Crispiness 3

Due to the manufacturing of their waffle maker, it was only crispy on one side. The side that was crispy was good and had a solid crunch.

Topping 3

The fruit selection was good. Ingredients were fresh and the whipping cream was real cream. However they were not original. The waffle sandwich was two pieces of waffles with the toppings in the middle. I was expecting a thinner crisper waffle with a bulging toppings in the middle.

Prices 3

They were market price however the cafe was more on the expensive side.

Visual appeal 4

They were pretty. Especially the fruit trio


Crispiness 3

Topping 3

Prices 3

Visual appeal 4

Will I return?

Maybe. Theres no novelty but the space was beautiful. This would be a better alternative to starblenzs in the area for a good chat with friends. I might try their desserts.

So here’s to the first review! Are there any restaurants you would recommend? Should I change up my critera? Send me any comments you have!

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The Flying Wedge

The pizza was average. It reminded me of pizza hut –  chewy base, not crisp enough bottom. The tomato sauce was not too heavy and pretty minimal. I didn’t notice it at all. In all honesty, I’m not sure how The Flying Wedge got the WE Gold award for best pizza in vancouver. Maybe I got the wrong kind of slice?

They had a slice of the day special for 3.50 which was the veggie slice. Not too bad! The zucchini was sliced thin, cheese was melted, toppings to the brim for those who hate crusts. I don’t mind them… I believe the dough was whole wheat although it did not detract from the taste at all which was surprising!

I also had a bite of the pepperoni, which was okay. The meat was slightly spicy. It was mediocore pizza so I won’t make up adjectives to describe it, as I usually do for things that are stellar.

I went to the library square one downtown and the pizza was just warmed to the touch. I think I should of asked them to put it back for longer to get a better crispy crust.

One Bite Summary

Pizza that’s good when you are starving. There’s other awesomer pizza places around.

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Rodney’s Oyster House – ehhh

Oyster are awesome, reviews say this place is great so therefore this meal should be excellent right? Well this meal was just okay. Winner of Hottest Male Servers, Rodney’s Oyster House is suppose to have a lot of things going for it.The restaurant was jam packed and even with reservations we had to wait for our table to clear.

Everything was looking up when the oyster platter came around. The server let us know where all the oysters came from (various coasts of Canada). Unfortunately the restaurant was quiet loud so I didn’t hear the details. This came with a bunch of different sauces. This, of course, lead to hot sauce tasting which I did not take part in. Any sauce supposedly comes from Hell is probably waaay too spicy for me.

The oysters were quite good. Fresh and meaty. I did really like how the waiters knew their stuff. I just wish I could listen to what they had to say. Also our waiter was a bit “intense” so asking him to say it again was sort of…. risky.


I had the crab cakes. Which were very meh. The cakes were full of crab but they weren’t seasoned and there was no really good sauce. The salad dressing was too sweet. It was like chinese plum sauce. You know the kind you get in Canadianized Chinese Resturants to eat with deep fried spring rolls? But watered down and some spicy peppers mixed it to give it some desperately needed kick. I slathered my greens with it and then used it to save the crab cakes.

It didn’t save the dish 😦

I only had a tiny bit of the chowder and it seemed to be okay. It was very creamy. However I did notice that it had a thin layer of “skin” on top of the bowl. This either meant that its been sitting under hot lights for a while or it was cold in the restaurant and this was pipping hot…

This was the pan fried oysters. Verdict on this was good. I didn’t taste them.

I only had a bite of the pasta dish but my friend mentioned that there was a decent amount of scallops that were nicely cooked. However the pasta sauce itself was nothing outstanding. It was average. For 18.95 for pasta… I think you need to have outstanding pasta for that price.

Oh crap, I have no idea how to rotate pictures. Yes I’m a novice. This was Co Co Curry and it was a big meh. I love curry, my boyfriend loves curry. This was sweet, not spicy, tomato based curry with some random greens put on top of mushy rice. Also some prawns were arranged around the dish. There was no contrast of textures and everything was just mushy and semi sweet. I did not eat the prawns but they looked good.

All these entrees ranged from 15.95-18.95, so everything was in the 20 dollar range.  Our total bill for 9 of us came to 280 dollars with HST and 18% gratuity. I don’t think it was worth it price wise. The service was okay, maybe we made the mistake of coming in on a Saturday night so it was stupidly busy and service was excruciatingly slow.

Honestly I would only come back if it was happy hour to eat only raw oysters.

One bite summary

Oysters, attractive servers, and hilarious t shirts (Eat Me Raw – plaster on male servers)  That’s all its got going for them.

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Cinch Cafe – Yay Pasta!

This place is great. Reasonably priced pasta for English bay and packed with flavor. I want to go back!

This is a small restaurant close to the other korean places on robson st. Honestly I never noticed it until I read the great reviews on urbanspoon. The decor was a bit strange. There were not so fresh flower arrangements on every table. I assume there was a large party on the weekend or they have a great discount with a florist. It was pretty quiet when we went in on a weekday around 7. There was only one other party who appeared to know the owners.

I had the capellini pescatore. The seafood was fresh and really good quality. Two huge scallops, two huge shrimp and a lot of plump mussels along with a bunch of squid. There was a lot of black pepper so the first bites are super delicious and the last few are a bit burning.This is highly recommend. I’m not sure if it was the butter or fat but it was melt in your mouth fantastic.

The other dish I tried was the Penne Sausage arrabiata. It was solid, the tomato based sauce did not compete with the sausage. I did wish that the sausage had more kick to it but I was so supremely in love with my other dish so my tasting memory of this dish fails me.

We also had garlic bread which was toasted white bread coated in garlic and cheese. Melted cheese is always an automatic awesome.  This side dish only cost 3 dollars.

Both pasta dishes were 13 or 14 dollars and the other main entrees of meat, fish etc were only 20 – 25 dollars.

One bite summary:

  • Good value for great pasta

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