BBQ Master?

I must confess I have a BBQ duck addiction. Duck is my favourite meat, possibly, because I have no idea how to cook it and ruin the glorious restaurant glow in my mind. I came to BBQ Master with high high expectations, having lost count of the days since my lips had touched greasy, crispy duck skin.

The duck unfortunately did not live up to my dreams. As you can see, although the skin of the duck was slick with oil, there was not enough meat for a good comparison. Although the dark leg meat was flavourful, there wasn’t enough of it in order to pass judgement.

The pork was decent and the skin had a great crisp to it.


So this review isn’t really a review at all. I decided that there was not enough meat in order to get a real sense of what this restaurant can do. Which makes me sad 😦


Anyone know of any good places for BBQ Meat in the lower mainland BC? Plus 20 if it is skytrain friendly and near english bay!