The Flying Wedge

The pizza was average. It reminded me of pizza hut –  chewy base, not crisp enough bottom. The tomato sauce was not too heavy and pretty minimal. I didn’t notice it at all. In all honesty, I’m not sure how The Flying Wedge got the WE Gold award for best pizza in vancouver. Maybe I got the wrong kind of slice?

They had a slice of the day special for 3.50 which was the veggie slice. Not too bad! The zucchini was sliced thin, cheese was melted, toppings to the brim for those who hate crusts. I don’t mind them… I believe the dough was whole wheat although it did not detract from the taste at all which was surprising!

I also had a bite of the pepperoni, which was okay. The meat was slightly spicy. It was mediocore pizza so I won’t make up adjectives to describe it, as I usually do for things that are stellar.

I went to the library square one downtown and the pizza was just warmed to the touch. I think I should of asked them to put it back for longer to get a better crispy crust.

One Bite Summary

Pizza that’s good when you are starving. There’s other awesomer pizza places around.

Flying Wedge Pizza Co. (Library Square) on Urbanspoon


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