Black Forest Restaurant, Harrison Hot Springs, BC

GERMAN SCHIZEL! This was very good vacation food.

After looking at the Copper Room Restaurant and its lack luster reviews, we decided to do something different and go to the Black Forest Restaurant for German food!

Sorry for the “artistic” candle light shot. The restaurant was very darkly lit and I find flash to be offensive in such a dark environment. I had the Gourmet Schmizel which included a pork schziel topped with mushrooms, ham and bechamel sauce (mmm butter).  The schizel was crispy and the components (firm mushrooms, shredded black forest ham) and sauce were good together. The portion was HUGE. I only ate the schizel and I was full. The sauce was very rich and combined with the pan fried schizel, it was oil with butter on top.  For some this would be too much but I never back down from an early heart attack.

There were a couple of side dishes: carrots, pan fried potatoes, purple cabbage.  I am not a huge fan of the sides. In fact I only really ate a quarter of the potatoes because I love potatoes. They were oily and not crispy. The carrots were too sweet for me as it was steamed or boiled then doused in a sauce that made this side dish almost like dessert. The purple cabbage is probably a German dish as I’ve never tasted something like this before. It was sour, sort of like saurket but  mushy. I only picked at them as I already gourged myself on the schizel

My dinning companion had the bratwerst which came with two sausages, the same carrot and potato sides, and saurkraut. I didn’t try his dish but it looked tasty. The portion was too much for him as well.

They also had a nice selection of wine and beer. Some of their beer was German. This one was very light and very good.

Overall the price was reasonable for the portions and for Harrison Hot Springs.


  • Huge portions
  • I don’t know how to spell schizel

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6 Comments on “Black Forest Restaurant, Harrison Hot Springs, BC”

  1. shokutsu says:

    Hi, any chance you know of any other dining options besides here and the Copper Room in the area that are worth checking out? Or was your lone night in the area just at the Black Forrest?

    • Becca Eats says:

      Sorry, I just ate here for dinner. We were going to eat at the copper room but the prices were a bit more than the black forest. We did stay at the harrison hot springs resort and had room service. I had a sandwich and fries, and it was decent. I assume the copper room would be okay. There are not many dinning options in harrison hot springs. Agassiz had a couple of restaurants that I didn’t check out. Hope you find good eats!

      • shokutsu says:

        Thanks for that. I tried finding prices at the Copper Room but their online menu only showed some dishes, but no figures attached. Ballpark, do you remember the pricing structure there that you saw?

      • Becca Eats says:

        I think entrees (pasta etc) started at 20 – 25 and meat and seafood dishes were at least 30 – 40. Harrison hot springs resort seems to be popular for conventions (there were two when we stayed there last March on a weekend) so you may need reservations for the copper room if you have a large party.

  2. shokutsu says:

    Ended up having a nice dinner and experience there. Glad to have found your post before my trip! Thanks again!

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